Measure your beauty based on online app

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The latest buzzing word in the world of marketing is the attraction marketing. Using this attraction marketing strategy it is possible to market your products easily and can become popular quickly. Many online applications are available to measure the level of beautifulness. These applications are becoming popular as every people want to look beautiful. The beauty cannot be just measured with an app but it is possible to even measure the beauty with an app that uses artificial intelligence.

These applications that are available online can make use of facial recognition algorithm and deep search to calculate the beauty of a person and they rate them from 1 to 10 on the scale. Artificial intelligence has grown faster as it can be used to by the computers to recognize the person based on some techniques. The algorithm used in these online applications undergoes a facial attractiveness test which has been trained by thousands of user and these applications can be found in the online play stores.

Measure your beauty based on online app

How attractive am I is a buzzing question in everyone’s mind, which could be solved by these online applications. The results obtained from the app may vary as it only compares the face recognized with the millions of faces available on the internet. These facial recognition techniques may vary when number of new pictures is added to the internet. If we want to predict the way look these game applications can be played in a funny way.

Most of us have our photos only in mobile and tablets so that these applications can also be played using the mobile app. Another interesting feature about the application is that it also allows us to rate others facial attraction anonymously. Once we have uploaded the picture of us online then this application will compare our face with the millions of pictures in the internet using the deep search technique and will produce the result accordingly. These applications are more secured as we are uploading our pictures online and the privacy of the user is preserved. The result will be 1 for less attractive face and 10 for high attractive faces.