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The woodworkers and some other professional handyman have their long known that the best tools give you the better work results. And the modern best cordless drill 2017 will certainly qualify to be among the best tools.

With all other rechargeable batteries as the source of power, this cordless tool is highly popular, and they do not require the power outlet to operate. This popularity among has consequently cause the appearance of some other specialized tools like hammer drill and the impact driver. Let us look at these two things:


Hammer drills: The hammer drills are the type of cordless drills with one extra feature in hammer settings. This can drill the holes and it also helps you to drive the screws. But, while the hammer setting is switched on, this adds up one of the additional hammering or the impacting action to the drilling and also driving. This is very much useful in masonry works. This also helps to break the rocks and heavy bricks. The drill bit cannot be easily scrapes off the masonry materials. Also the chipping is one of the best ways to knock off the materials.

Impact driver: The impact driver is similar to the hammer drill on the steroids.  Whereas the hammer drill is also used to drill the holes, the impact driver has also used to drive the screws, especially the long screws. With this impact driver, you can drive the long screws in without the needs to pre drill the holes for the screws. While the hammer drill is very good for drilling in the masonry, the impact driver is also good for driving up the long screws in wood. This does not have the hammer setting in it, since the impacting motion will always set.

Basically in some jobs, it may consist of the driving dozens or some hundreds of long screws, some jobs like building the cabinet or deck.  This impact driver would be the best tool for these forms of job, because this can sink the screw in quickly without having to bore the pilot hole for first time.